Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Byteman 3.0.9 and 4.0.0-BETA4 have been released

Byteman 3.0.9 is now available from the Byteman downloads page and from the Maven Central repository. It is accompanied by a corresponding 4.0.0-BETA4 release for JDK9.
3.0.9 is a minor update for the preceding release 3.0.8. It fixes one bug in the 3.08 release for jdk8 which was latent but hidden by a second bug (also fixed :-).
The same bug does actually manifest in release 4.0.0-BETA3 for jdk9-ea+151 (the jdk9 pre-release version which accompanied 3.0.8) courtesy of other Byteman changes made to accommodate Jigsaw. The BETA4 release fixes this bug and also includes updates to accommodate further changes made to Jigsaw in versions up to and including jdk9-ea+165.
More details can be found in the Release Notes.

Note that release 3.0.9 is intended for use on JDK6-8 whereas preview release Byteman 4.0.0-BETA4 is intended for use on the latest early access releases of JDK9 (jdk9-ea+165 and later).
With luck 4.0.0-BETA4 will be the last BETA release for jdk9 and the current parallel release streams will merge when 4.0.0 is released.

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