Thursday, 25 November 2010

Byteman 1.4.1 Now Available For Download

Byteman patch release 1.4.1 is now available at the project download page or from the JBoss maven repository. The release patches a few important bugs and omissions including:
  • a regression introduced into AT LINE triggers has been corrected
  • assignment of arrays and creation of arrays has been implemented
    e.g. you can now write things like BIND strArray = new String[2] and DO strArray[0] = "foo"
The release also provides a couple of new features:
  • trigger points can now include local or parameter variable accesses
    e.g. the rule location can now be something like AT READ $loopvar where $loopvar identifies a local variable or AFTER WRITE $1 where $1 identifies the first method parameter
  • AFTER INVOKE rules can now read and reassign $!, the value returned by the method invocation which triggered rule processing
    e.g. a rule injected into the trigger method after a call to myIntMethod (location AFTER INVOKE myIntMethod) might employ the condition IF $! < 0 and action DO $! = 0 to ensure that the value returned from myintMethod was never negative.
Details of all features and bug fixes are provided in the release notes. A full explanation of all new behaviour is available in the programmer's guide.