Wednesday 21 November 2018

Byteman 4.0.5 has been released

Byteman 4.0.5 is now available from the Byteman downloads page and from the Maven Central repository. It is the latest update release for use on JDK9+ runtimes. It is also recommended as the preferred release for use on JDK8- runtimes.

Byteman 4.0.5 updates the 4.0.4 release to ensure that it works  correctly on the latest jdk12 releases. Specifically, it ensures that Byteman is able to process class files with a JDK12 class file version (the previous release would run on jdk12 but could only classes whose bytecode file version was for jdk11 or lower.

Byteman 4.0.5 also fixes a small bug which broke access to non-public members of classes when loaded via a JBoss Modules class loader.

More details can be found in the Release Notes.