Monday 2 November 2015

Byteman 3.0.2 release supporting some exciting and impressive monitoring packages

Byteman 3.0.2 Release

Byteman 3.0.2 is now available from the Byteman downloads page 

This is primarily a bug fix release which has resolved some rare (but still nasty) bugs in the guts of the trigger injection code. Many thanks are due to Radek Koubsky (Brno MSc student) and Red Hat's Marco Rietveld (Drools project) for their help and patience in pinning down these problems and testing the fixes.

The release also includes one new feature, the ability to use array initializer lists to provide initial values for BIND (i.e. rule local) variables of array type e.g.

  BIND heroes:String[][] = {{"Radek","Koubsky"},

Full details of the initializer syntax are provided in the latest manual.

Two excellent projects implemented on top of Byteman 3.0.2 deserve special mention:

Byteman Wildfly Log

Radek Koubsky's MSc project uses Byteman to implement a trace package for Wildfly. The package implements fine-scale logging to monitor the operation of code injected into EJBs REST Endpoints JMS Channels Servlets Web Services Endpoints. You can find the code and instructions on how to use it at Radek's github repo.

Hawkular BTM

Red Hat's own Gary Brown has been using Byteman to implement support for Hawkular Business Transaction Management (BTM). This is an extremely powerful tool, still under development, which forms part of the full monitoring and management suite provided by the Hawkular project.

Hawkular BTM is used to track and manage operation of complex business applications whose execution may run in parallel across multiple JVMs and/or hosts. Gary has embedded the Byteman agent at the heart of this tool, using the manager API provided in release 3.0.1 to control uploading and unloading of Byteman rules into the client JVMs which run the business application.

Details of Hawkular BTM itself are available on the Hawkular site.

A demo of the latest version of Hawkular BTM in action is linked from this recent Hawkular blog post.

Finally, the BTM code itself is available from the BTM github repo.

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